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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Here's Why Adding a VIP Bathroom to Your Event is a Must

Novice planners usually don’t know that VIP porta potty rental is a must for important events, such as corporate seminars or weddings. Although ordinary porta potties do have basic features and functionalities required for most bathroom-goers, having a VIP bathroom in place will allow the important people at your event to feel worthy of their … business.

"A bride will likely need a lot of extra room in a restroom to accommodate her wedding dress. This can be an extra challenge if only regular sized restroom rentals are available. With a VIP portable restroom in places, she has one less worry and less hassle." - Professional Wedding Planner

What is a VIP Restroom?

Simply put, a VIP porta potty is a bigger, more luxurious porta potty than most. In fact, it is much larger than the average porta potty, and has several added amenities and features for users to enjoy. With its large mirror, full hand washing station, and lots of wiggle room your guests will totally forget that they are actually inside a porta potty!

Including VIP restrooms in your event rentals checklist...

VIP Restrooms Look Better:

When it comes to important guests, looks are everything. Let's face it, your guests would appreciate a classy atmosphere over an ordinary one. Carolina Container Services porta potties have several features of a conventional restroom, like air-scenting devices and air conditioning. All in all, event bathrooms have everything you need.

VIP Restrooms Can Withstand Any Kind of Weather:

Not only do VIP portable restroom help your guests get an escape from the extremes of Charlotte weather, they are also strong enough to withstand different kinds of weather hazards. Sudden wind and hail storms are not a problem for these porta potties. These units are built sturdy and put in place by professions who know how to keeps them secure. In addition, their spacious interior provides users with the room needed for cleaning themselves up and changing clothes in case the weather calls for it.

For unmatched service and superior quality porta-potty rentals Charlotte, turn to Carolina Container Services. If you want to learn more about portable restrooms or dumpster rentals we offer, and place your order, visit our page on our website at